If Only We Had a Rational Foreign Policy Discourse . . .

In a world where Reason ruled the roost and rationality was the order of the day, more people would be asking Jeffrey Goldberg’s question: Why is Hamas, by its own actions, undermining the creation of a Palestinian state by pursuing policies that will not lead to the destruction of the state of Israel? It’s a good question, and one that I would love to get an answer to, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to be on the lips of many pundits and observers, which should count as a gargantuan failure in ratiocination on the part of the pundit class.

Speaking of muddled thinking, behold Chris Bertram, who seems to think that because Israel uses the Iron Dome missile defense system to save the lives of innocent Israeli citizens, while Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields, Israel is somehow morally deranged (“the current death score is 159-0,” Bertram tells us, as though this statement is dispositive of something). Of course, Bertram does not acknowledge that Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as human shields, and that it actively puts the general Palestinian population in danger through its actions, but that is likely only because it would undermine his (reflexive?) anti-Israel bias. Bertram does take the time to call William Saletan some names, but other than proving that playground insults are the best that Bertram has to bring to the table, this does nothing to enlighten any reader. I suspect, of course, that enlightenment is not Bertram’s goal; he is likely just smart enough to see that Hamas is the culpable party in this conflict, and he wants to muddy the waters by engaging in a furious bit of handwaving that is supposed to convince us that Jewish people are at fault for not dying as quickly as Bertram might like them to die.

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