Some Facts on the Latest Violence in the Middle East

1. The Israelis go to extraordinary and laudable lengths in order to ensure that they don’t kill civilians while trying to protect themselves against attacks from Hamas. Would that Israel’s enemies were so humane. Incidentally, you can bet your bottom dollar that all those who decry Israel’s supposed inhumanity towards the Palestinians will completely ignore William Saletan’s article, and the many like it that seek to educate people about what is really going on in the Middle East.

2. You would think that given the violence and given America’s interest in tamping that violence down, President Obama might want to pick up the phone and have a conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu. As of yesterday, however, that conversation has not happened. I suppose it is possible that the lack of a conversation might be the fault of Prime Minister Netanyahu, but I highly doubt that the prime minister would pretend to be washing his hair if the president of the United States were to call and say that he would like to chat about the whole war situation currently going on between Israel and Hamas. To be sure, I recognize that the president and the prime minister don’t exactly like each other, but now might be the ideal time to put such enmity aside and work for a greater good, no?

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