Attention: The Scott Walker Non-Scandal Is Even Less of a Non-Scandal

Scott Walker’s political foes rejoiced recently in reports that the Wisconsin governor (and possible Republican presidential candidate) might be the target of a criminal investigation. Eric Lach faithfully recites the claim, and there are others, of course who repeated the story that Walker was/is in some kind of political trouble.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) was not a target of a criminal investigation into illegal campaign coordination that was halted earlier this year, according to an attorney for the special prosecutor overseeing the case.

Randall D. Crocker, who is representing special prosecutor Francis Schmitz, also said Thursday that court filings released last week merely outlined a theory of the case and did not constitute a finding that charges were warranted.

“Mr. Schmitz has made no conclusions as to whether there is sufficient evidence to charge anyone with a crime,” Crocker said in a statement. “It is wrong for any person to point to this sentence in a legal argument as a finding by the special prosecutor that Governor Walker has engaged in a criminal scheme. It is not such a finding.”

“At the time the investigation was halted, Governor Walker was not a target of the investigation,” Crocker added. “At no time has he been served with a subpoena.”

I suppose that it is too much to ask that the people who tried to convince us that Walker is Wisconsin’s answer to Richard Nixon now apologize for having made such claims, and correct their earlier stories. Valuing my life and health as I do, I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to do so.

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