Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Gene Nichol

I was of the understanding that being paid a boatload of money while doing very little work is wrong. That it contributes to income inequality. That it’s cronyism run amok. That we are all supposed to be concerned and upset when lavish sums of money are given to the undeserving.

Apparently, I was wrong:

A controversial, outspoken law professor who frequently bashes Republicans and specializes in poverty issues as a self-proclaimed champion of the poor earns $205,400 per year – for teaching one class per semester.

The University of North Carolina School of Law pays Professor Gene Nichol $205,400 annually for his one class per semester workload. On top of his teaching salary, he receives a $7,500 stipend as director of the law school’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

The News & Observer maintains a public database of public employee and educator salaries, and lists Nichol’s salary at $212,900. Nichol, in an email to The College Fix, confirmed the figure is accurate.

I guess Paul Krugman isn’t alone.

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