Vox’s Detachment from Reality

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry shows that “voxsplaining” is nothing more than taking a collection of talking points from the port side of the partisan divide and pretending that they explain complex policy issues, and further points out that those talking points are compiled in a manner that is at best misinformed, and at worst, utterly disingenuous. I think “disingenuous” is the proper adjective to use here; while Ezra Klein, Matthew Yglesias and others aren’t exactly the swiftest Porsches in the garage, they have to be smart enough to know that their voxsplanations don’t give the full story when it comes to policy debates. It would be nice to think that pundits from the port side will be smart and honest enough to call shenanigans on this brand of carnival barking, but as they are likely vested in the success of Vox, they will pretend to fail to see all of the site’s shortcomings–if they see those shortcomings to begin with.

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