Quote of the Day

I submit that this is not a viable, attractive, or coherent position for someone who values human liberty to hold. “I support freedom just as soon as we get around to finding and rounding up tens of millions of people, putting them on the other side of a wall with barbed wire, locks, and many many guards with guns. I oppose laws that restrict freedom, but I even more strongly oppose repealing those laws until we get around to punishing everyone who has violated them in the past. In the meantime we have to make sure that people don’t get away with it.” That’s not a plan for getting to liberty eventually. It’s a guarantee that we constantly become less free; it is always “in the meantime.” In the meantime is when we should want to be free.

Jacob T. Levy. In the event that you are wondering, this is a slam against David Brat, who is accurately described as having “who won a primary with Ann Coulter-endorsed anti-immigrant demagoguery and who has immediately reduced human welfare in expected value terms by killing the chances for immigration reform and driving Republicans further into the anti-immigrant camp for the foreseeable future.”

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