Exeunt Shinseki

I don’t have much to say in response to the resignation of Eric Shinseki, except (a) the resignation was long overdue; (b) the resignation is not nearly enough to make up for the disgraceful treatment of veterans at VA hospitals (hospitals which were once praised as models for healthcare reform before the current scandal forced those who praised VA hospitals as models for healthcare reform to change their story and say that all of the problems at VA hospitals are the fault of the Bush administration); and (c) the resignation does nothing to allay concerns over the Obama administration’s–and the president’s–lackadaisical response to the entire scandal. If the party of the president of the United States loses lots and lots (and lots) of seats in midterm elections because of the scandal, well, that’s just tough I guess; perhaps it would have done the party of the president of the United States a whole lot more good if the president of the United States actually took decisive action in response to the scandal, instead of acting as though he resented having to respond in the first place.

Actions have consequences. So does inaction.

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