Today in Bad Russia-Ukraine News

Let’s go through the depressing details:

  • “Novorossiya” is quite the ominous term.
  • As pointed out by Walter Russell Mead and company, what Vladimir Putin tells a Russian audience is significantly more important than some vague agreement that supposedly is designed to reduce tensions, but in fact is actually designed to allow diplomats to say that they have worked to reduce tensions, without, you know, actually reducing tensions.
  • Allegedly, there is a move to have Ukrainian Jews register their names and property holdings with pro-Russian militants, and pay a registration fee to boot. The State Department is convinced that the leaflets announcing the registration policy are genuine, and is properly disgusted, but Julia Ioffe asserts that the leaflets are not genuine. I would like to believe that she is right, but in the event that she is not, would the Nation be so kind as to denounce some actual fascists, as opposed to the imaginary ones who allegedly staff the new Ukrainian government?
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