Jason Brennan Is Wrong

These aren’t hard questions, and as a libertarian-conservative, I am more than happy to provide answers. Behold:

1. Fabio Rojas suggested via social media that I obey the Koch brother who is willing to be the highest bidder. Sounds like a plan to me.

2. Coca-Cola. (As though this was a hard question to answer.)

3. If there is no supply of poor people ready to mete out some libertarian justice, definitely go with the kicking. Your shoes will protect your feet from bruising and fracture.

4. You see right through me.

5. At least there was no reality television back in 1850 or 1870. So there.

6. It shall be my life mission to overcome this problem by attracting women to the cause. You’re welcome.

7. This is why I am a Milton Friedman fan. He worked for private universities.

8. Shhh! Don’t blow our cover!

9. John Locke, Milton Friedman and Penn Jillette. Duh.

10. It’s my fault. I keep stealing all of the free lunches.

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