In Which the Hardworking Staff at Respond to Complaints

Message received. No seriously, message received. Readers will note that I have made the font size noticeably bigger; when WordPress educates me on how to change the font color to black, I will do that as well. (And yes, I will also change the color of hyperlinks within texts of posts.)

5 Replies to “In Which the Hardworking Staff at Respond to Complaints”

  1. When I get your tweets, I get a link to a blog post, which sends me to another link. That’s a lot of clicking now that the complaint box is open.

    1. That’s because I use Tumblr as another resource with which to direct reader attention to my posts. But I also tweet direct links to this site. Indeed, the latter are automatic.

  2. We old people, for whom the 2.0 dime store glasses are showing diminishing returns, salute you.

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