The Next Time Harry Reid Attacks the Koch Brothers . . .

Someone should slip him a copy of this article and ask him whether he really is in any position whatsoever to throw stones at anybody. Of particular interest are the parts of the article that detail the degree to which members of the Reid family have profited off of their political connections, and the fact that Reid uses campaign funds in order to buy gifts for campaign staff and supporters. Of course, the Koch brothers would be raked over the coals if they did that sort of thing, but since they don’t–and Harry Reid does–perhaps it is time for the media (at least the honest portions of it) to take Reid to task. He is, after all, the Senate majority leader, charged with particular and special responsibilities and the face of Senate Democrats. Last I checked, with great power comes great responsibility and that means that people like Harry Reid ought to be held to a higher standard–a standard he is currently failing to meet.

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