New Jersey’s Silly Ban on Tesla Sales

In its dubious wisdom, the state of New Jersey has decided to forbid the direct sale of Tesla automobiles. This decision has no legal or economic justification whatsoever, as a group of law professors and economists point out. I am frankly amazed that we are even forced to debate the issue, but apparently, in some parts, it is not fashionable to preserve consumer choice, have free markets or combat senseless, undesirable regulations. Meanwhile, protectionism continues to have strong–if benighted–backing in too many quarters.

Of course, those who innovate in the private sector have traditionally had to put up with a host of nonsense from the powers that be in the political world, so in a real sense, it comes as no surprise that this fight is being had. But the lack of surprise attendant to this controversy does not make the controversy itself any less outrageous.

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