Today in Depressing News Regarding Ukraine

Here it is:

  • Russia may not be done conquering. In a strange way, I almost hope that the Russians try to launch an offensive to reach Transnistria, as I cannot imagine a more blatant example of overreach that might serve to further isolate Russia in the international community, and as such overreach may prove to be exceedingly costly to the Russians–provided, of course, that the Ukrainians are able to mount a stiff and effective military resistance to any new Russian offensive.
  • The Ukrainians, for their part, are on their guard. Note that the Russian puppet in Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, is urging Russians throughout Ukraine to foment unrest.
  • Of course, I cannot blame the Ukrainians for withdrawing. They are utterly overmatched by the Russian military. (See also this.) But there are only so many instances of Russian aggression that will be allowed before the Ukrainians are pressed beyond the breaking point.
  • In Afghanistan, memories are clearly short. Incidentally, if this is the most that we can expect from a supposed ally, then perhaps we ought to seriously rethink how we continue to deal with the Karzai government. Of course, if reports that the United States has fumbled aid policy–and “nation-bribing”–are true, then a case may be made that we have ourselves to blame (at lest in part) for the actions of the Karzai government.

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