The Never Ending Trainwreck

If you want some reassuring news about Obamacare, you have come to the wrong blog:

  • The president of the United States informs us that under Obamacare, we “might end up having to switch doctors.” This is the part where I remind readers–as though any reminder were actually needed–that during the campaign for Obamacare, the president reassured all of us that if we liked our health care plans and our doctors, we could keep them “period.” I know that it is old news that the president was not telling the truth, but I think that it is worth reminding people of the spectacular campaign of deceit in which this White House has engaged; it is an election season, after all, and we are supposed to remember breaches of the public trust when we go to the polls.
  • In absolutely non-shocking news, there continue to be implementation problems (Chicago edition).
  • In absolutely non-shocking news, there continue to be implementation problems (California edition). Recall that Paul Krugman cited the implementation experience in California to assure us that in terms of transitioning to the new law, everything will go just fine. Of course, I imagine that he will dismiss talk of implementation problems as “hooey.”
  • Nancy Pelosi continues to believe that “Republicans are ‘wasting their time’ using ObamaCare as an electoral issue.” For Republicans, it would appear that Voltaire’s prayer may have been favorably answered.
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