What’s Russian for “Anschluss”?

The Crimean parliament has voted to ask to be able to join Russia. Given the fact that “[p]ro-Russian and Russian forces have been in de facto control of the peninsula for several days,” this move ought to come as no surprise, and of course, should not be viewed as anything other than a choice that was made under duress. Henry Kissinger’s analysis of the situation is, as usual, quite sober and clear-headed, so you should read all of it.

The Obama administration has moved to impose sanctions and other penalties on Russia, but I doubt that anything the administration does will impact Russian behavior all that much; as mentioned before, international markets are doing more to punish Russia for its actions in Ukraine and the Crimea than other countries and governments can do–at least in the short term.

Finally, it’s nice to see that Liz Wahl has decided to join Abby Martin in denouncing the Putin regime for its actions in Ukraine and the Crimea. But one wonders why they ever bothered to work for RT in the first place.

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