Your Daily Ukraine Roundup

Some links worth noting:

  • I noted earlier the case of Abby Martin, who spoke out against the invasion of the Crimea even though she is currently working for the RT cable network, which as a matter of course, demonstrates fawning approval of just about anything and everything the Putin regime does. RT’s response to Martin’s on-air denunciation of the invasion of the Crimea is to try to send Martin to the Crimea in order to have her report there. I suppose that part of me would like Martin to go to the Crimea and to speak truth to power through her reporting, but the other part of me can readily understand why she might think that her safety might not be guaranteed in the event that she actually does make the trip.
  • In absolutely non-shocking news, we learn that Vladimir Putin did not live up to the standards of international behavior that he sought to impose on the United States.
  • In other absolutely non-shocking news, we learn that “the relativist left” continues to be a motley collection of hypocrites. Chief among the hypocrites: Noam Chomsky. I keep waiting for Chomsky to surprise me, but comme d’habitude, he never does.
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