Speaking of Bill de Blasio . . .

This is unconscionable:

Mayor de Blasio brought down the hammer Thursday on three charter schools operated by his nemesis Eva Moskowitz, leaving hundreds of kids without classrooms this fall.

“This has to be the saddest day for the Success Academy’s children, family, teachers, school leaders,” Moskowitz said after meeting with stunned charter parents in Harlem.

“Right now, our kids are being evicted. Evicted out of their school. It’s wrong and we need an explanation. You’re going to have to ask Mayor de Blasio what the motivations are for a decision that will hurt so many children now and, frankly, forever.”

Fulfilling a campaign pledge to limit charter expansions within public-school buildings, de Blasio revoked approvals granted last year by the Bloomberg administration to two new Success Academy schools and to a third that planned to expand.

At the mayor’s behest, the Department of Education conducted a review of 45 “co-locations” in which multiple schools share a single building — including 19 charters.

It revoked nine of the arrangements covering six public schools and the three charters, which all carried Moskowitz’s Success Academy banner.

Left to fend for themselves were:

• A planned elementary charter that was going to open within the August Martin HS complex in Jamaica, Queens, with 200 kindergartners and first-graders starting in September.

• A K-4 charter slated for Murry Bergtraum HS near City Hall.

• New fifth and sixth grade students hoping to attend Success Academy IV middle school classes at the PS 149/Sojourner Truth building on West 118the Street, which was put off limits.

Earlier coverage here. So much for the belief that the de Blasio administration cares about inequality, or about the schoolkids of New York city.

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    Every charter school that de Blasio has attacked so far affects those who de Blasio pretends to support. On a personal note, my grandson, a student of Success Academy and EXCELLING will be affected by Commie Bill’s decision. This is war!

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