Man of the People

Behold Bill de Blasio’s common touch:

Despite repeatedly promising this morning that he’d take questions about the controversy surrounding his caravan breaking multiple traffic laws, Mayor Bill de Blasio shut down questions on the topic at an unrelated press conference this evening.

Before walking away as reporters shouted questions at him, Mr. de Blasio read a brief statement referring to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s earlier comments defending the conduct of the mayor’s security detail.

“I have great respect for NYPD security training and protocals. I am committed, obviously to traffic safety and safe streets in NYC. That’s why we put forward ‘Vision Zero.’ Commissioner Bratton addressed the topic of my security detail earlier today. I am very comfortable with what Commissioner Bratton said. And I refer you to his comments,” said Mr. de Blasio.

His aides further declined to take questions on the issue.

This morning outside his home, Mr. de Blasio also refused to answer questions about the controversy, which involved his caravan running multiple stop signs and going up to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit just days after announcing a new push to lower traffic speeds across the five boroughs. At the time, however, he vowed to take off-topic questions at this evening’s event.

More here. Of course, it is crazy not to realize that there are legitimate security issues at play here in terms of ensuring the mayor’s security. But there are also security issues for the public at large. Somehow, someway, previous mayors of New York, mayors of other cities, and the president of the United States manage to avoid implementing transportation security practices that would endanger the lives of pedestrians. It’s hard to understand why Bill de Blasio can’t do the same.

New York’s new mayor likes to claim that he is out to protect the interests of the common citizens of the city. But New Yorkers have every reason to feel unprotected.

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