More Proof that Edward Snowden Is a Fraud

From the time that Edward Snowden burst onto the public scene, he has told anyone who would listen that his objective in leaking secret NSA documents has been to show how the NSA has taken to spying on Americans.

The latest disclosures from the Snowden files lay bare the methods by which British intelligence agencies are catching terrorists in honey traps. Which of course has nothing whatsoever to do with the degree to which the NSA spies on Americans.

This, of course, is not the first time that Snowden has exceeded his supposed mandate to detail NSA espionage. There are many other instances in which he has sought to undermine perfectly legitimate intelligence activities (a list detailing a number of those instances can conveniently be found here).

From this, one can reasonably conclude that Snowden’s objective is not to safeguard the civil liberties of Americans. Rather, it is to put the screws to the activities of Western intelligence agencies. We can be sure that no documents will emerge that detail the activities of Chinese or Russian intelligence agencies, especially given the fact that Snowden himself lives in Russia.

Remind me: Why does anyone think that Edward Snowden’s activities are in the best tradition of whistleblowing?

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