The Debt Ceiling “Capitulation” Was Nothing of the Kind. It Was a Recognition of Reality.

A lot of fiscal hawks are upset that the House passed a clean debt ceiling bill, instead of taking up a bill that attached spending reductions to action on the debt ceiling. However upset these folks may be, however, the fact of the matter is that with only one half of one branch of government under Republican control, congressional Republicans who wanted to attach spending reductions were never going to get their way. It would have been better from the beginning for congressional Republicans to recognize that fact, but . . . well . . . congressional Republicans have been known to have trouble processing basic information from time to time.

Of course, it is probably worth noting that I am not the only person to have taken a dim view of the ability of congressional Republicans to strategize:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said he hoped the moment would be “a wake-up call” for conservatives who have often defied the leadership.

“The reality is we’ve got to come to the realization that we’re not in the majority out in D.C. We’re in the minority,” he said. “So how do we get to yes on something without, you know, having to be pure all the time and say, ‘we’ve got to govern?’

“Unfortunately there’s a number in our party unwilling to make that tough decision,” Kinzinger continued. “I hope they come around to it, because they’re not getting paid the big bucks to make easy decisions.”

Exceedingly well said, and kudos to Representative Kinzinger for recognizing the obvious. The following is also a statement of the obvious, and something that congressional Republicans should have understood long ago:

Looking ahead, Republicans said their only hope to avoid another debt-ceiling surrender in 2015 was to win the Senate in November and change the political dynamic.

I am glad to see that there is evidence that the congressional Republican caucus is beginning to appreciate the realities of the current political situation. Any more such clear thinking and Democrats will definitely be in trouble. And I mean every single word of that last sentence.

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