While I would like to think that the Sochi Winter Olympics will turn out to be a success–the athletes have worked hard to get to where they are, and I want them to have a wonderful and memorable experience at the Olympics–there are lots of reasons to believe that the Sochi games will turn out to be a train wreck. Let us examine some of those reasons now:

  • The games are causing badly frayed Russian-American relations to become even more frayed. It does not help, of course, that the Russian government decided to gratuitously and disgustingly insult President Obama in their choice of Olympic cauldron lighter. Incidentally, I should state that I entirely support the Obama administration’s decision to not send the president or other high-level dignitaries to the opening ceremonies, and the Russian government’s choice of Irina Rodnina to light the cauldron only served to justify the administration’s decision.
  • When the Olympic games feature Vladimir Putin airbrushing history, you know we have a problem. To his credit, “Russian television chief” Konstantin Ernst admitted that shenanigans were taking place. I hope he has a good legal team at his disposal, because I fear that Ernst’s indiscreet admission might cause the Putin regime to give Ernst the Khodorkovsky treatment.
  • Despite the fact that Johnny Quinn is a former Green Bay Packer–and therefore a minion of Satan–I really think he deserved better than to have been locked inside a bathroom.
  • My God. Seriously?

I suppose the upside of all of this news is that things can only get better. But who knows? Perhaps the organizers of the Sochi games–and the Putin regime–will find new and different ways to amaze and appall the rest of us.

UPDATE: In fairness to Vladimir Putin, it looks like he and his regime are not the only ones engaged in airbrushing. To say the least, this paints NBC in a very bad light, and the organization has invited opprobrium for no reason whatsoever.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Featuring another middle finger to the international community, courtesy of the Putin regime.

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