Politics Kills Economic Growth

This editorial is entirely right to attack House Republicans for killing prospects for immigration reform, just as it takes on Democrats for killing free trade. Encouraging smart, hardworking people to come to the United States and chase the American dream–while enriching America with their own talents–is one of the best ways around to help foster increased economic growth. Too bad that immigration reform has been “strangled by Republicans dancing to talk radio,” as the editorial points out.

Of course, we all understand why immigration reform died. This is an election year and if xenophobes on the right are offended by a push for reform, they won’t work to turn out voters for Republican candidates this November. The problem, however, is that we always seem to be in election mode, with actual governance taking a backseat to electoral and political considerations. So a broken immigration policy remains broken and as a consequence, prospects have increased for continued lackluster economic growth and job creation. And presumably, we are supposed to accept this sorry state of affairs with nary a peep of protest.

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