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For the sake of innocent children we had better keep out the wrong kind of academics. They are too politically correct to be explicit, but I am sure they are referring to statisticians who are frequentists. Northwestern has had a strong tradition of Bayesians. The harmony in the community would be horribly disrupted if it became easy for a bunch of frequentists to crash downtown. They would probably write graffiti of confidence intervals around known facts! next thing you know there will be enough of them that they will lobby to get a tilted kilt franchise openned [sic]!

Say NO! to frequentists.

“Thomas Bayes.” The story that inspired the comment is nothing short of hilarious.

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  1. The story inspiring the comment is WELL SHORT of hilarious. In fact, apart from the reference to “transient academics” there’s nothing even mildly amusing about it. it’s the damn comments that are funny.

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