Is Our Journalists Learning?

No, Iran was not “an American ally” prior to President Bush’s “axis of evil” speech, and to claim otherwise is to either misunderstand history, or to deliberately misrepresent it. To be sure, Iran and the United States had a commonality of interests when it came to Afghanistan; for reasons unrelated to 9/11, the Islamic regime in Iran decided that it did not like the Taliban, and vice versa. But that never made Iran “an ally” of the United States. The two countries still were adversaries on a host of issues (including the regime’s support for terrorism), and there was still a massive amount of mistrust between them even before the “axis of evil” speech was delivered.

For Big Media fans who still wonder why and how it was that the Blogosphere got its start, this post helps point to a significant part of the answer. Big Media has fallen down on the job–whether because its denizens are uninformed, or because they are fundamentally dishonest–so many times, that an alternative media was necessary to correct the many misstatements that traditional journalists are responsible for disseminating.

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