Honesty Is Not Rachel Maddow’s Policy

I understand that Rachel Maddow is interested in blaming the Koch BrothersTM for just about every bad thing that happens on this planet, and on multiple others. But when the connection between the Kochs and A Bad Thing is “tenuous” at best, and when the connection may not exist at all, MSNBC should probably pass on the Koch-bashing.

Unfortunately, as far as MSNBC is concerned, facts take second place to headline-grabbing.

I certainly don’t expect the top brass at MSNBC to take any corrective action regarding this issue; Koch-bashing appeals to MSNBC’s base audience, and Maddow is a powerful figure, whom apparently no one wants to rein in. But to the extent that anyone thinks MSNBC is a source of news, rather than of propaganda, let such thoughts be banished to the furthest edges of the universe after this latest offense to good journalism and basic honesty.

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