Maybe, Oh Maybe, We Are Getting a Better Brad DeLong

Brad DeLong informs us that “it is harder to impeach than to legislate,” and that “if you can’t legislate, you can’t impeach over the issues you can’t legislate.” I for one am pleased to see that DeLong is more hesitant than he used to be when it comes to calling for impeachment; back when the blogosphere was new, DeLong filled his blog with calls for impeachment for members of the Bush administration. For all I know, he might have secretly wanted the White House chef, valet and Secret Service agents to be sent up for trial and conviction in the Senate.

One hopes that this newfound DeLongian reluctance to impeach remains intact the next time we have an administration with which DeLong does not agree, and for whom DeLong does not vote. I have my doubts that DeLong will be able to resist the siren song of impeachment demands in that case, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

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