Have I Mentioned Recently that Paul Krugman Suffers from Epistemic Closure?

Be sure to read this profile of the great and good Charles Krauthammer, which is very interesting no matter what side of the political divide one finds oneself on, and which makes me feel good that my view on the recent government shutdown was supported by the likes of Krauthammer (I would rather have one Krauthammer on my side in the debates of the day than I would have a million Limbaughs or Mark Levins/Marks Levin). And when you are reading, be sure to take note of the following passage:

. . . Paul Krugman, who occupied Krauthammer’s anti-incumbent thought-leader position during the George W. Bush years, said he hasn’t read Krauthammer for years “if ever.”

“Life is short, and I’m looking for analytical insights, not just opinions,” Krugman said in an email. “Nobody has ever flagged a [Krauthammer] column as one I need to read to hear a smart argument I didn’t know about.”

I guess that this is the part where I remind readers that Paul Krugman is epistemically closed. It is also the part where I ask why someone like Krugman appears to take pride in the fact that he is closed off in an intellectual cocoon. I for one know that strutting around and boasting about my ignorance regarding a certain subject might serve to paint me in a less-than-flattering light. I wonder why Krugman thinks differently.

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