No Virginia, American Jews in Hollywood Did NOT Collaborate with the Nazis

Story here. Given the many holes in the original story, it comes as more than a little bit of a surprise that people bought into the idea that a certain subset of American Jews “betrayed their country and sold out their co-religionists.” This excerpt sums up the whole sorry state of affairs:

. . . This is not simply a silly book; it’s a deeply problematic, even potentially dangerous, one. Who knows whether this is due to incompetence or malevolence. The mystery is that no editor or faculty adviser seems to have been looking out for the author. Harvard University Press circled the wagons in response to early criticism, which may be the standard CYA policy of any bureaucratic organization. But now that Urwand’s radioactive assertions have gone viral, with tens of thousands of references on Google to the book’s “revelations,” it’s too late for explanations or corrections. The damage has been done.


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