North Korea Has Gotten Even Crazier

To wit. And there is more. I don’t know whether this means that Baby Leader is now so confident of his position that he can kill off family members who might otherwise be able to serve as avuncular guides, or whether Baby Leader has now become so utterly paranoid that he is killing off people who might otherwise be of use to him for fear that he might be supplanted in the near future. Isaac Stone Fish’s piece indicates that relations between China and North Korea could be harmed as a consequence of Jang’s killing, which ought to surprise no one given Jang’s close relationship with Beijing. Whatever Kim Jong Un’s motivations, North Korea appears to have isolated itself still further, and yes, I know that none of us thought that was possible.

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  1. I’m sorry, I saw pictures of the train station in Pyongyang so I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Future’s looking bright.

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