There Are STILL Problems with Obamacare. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise.

Let’s run down what some of those problems are:

  • If you are a staffer on Capitol Hill, and you think that you have enrolled successfully, you nevertheless have to confirm your enrollment in person. That’s because insurers are either not getting the proper information via, or they are receiving no information whatsoever. As the story indicates, “[w]hile the administration claims to have met its goal of having running smoother for most consumers, back-end problems with the system persist.” Of course, it ought to go without saying that the general population continues to have similar problems with Obamacare.
  • Charles Ornstein points out that there are problems with people being able to pay their premiums–which they need to do in order to ensure that they are covered by January 1. While there are a number of factors at play, one of those factors appear to be problems with the website, which continue to sabotage the implementation of Obamacare, notwithstanding claims that the website works much better now.
  • Oregon has spent more than $300 million on its state health insurance exchange. The result? 44 people got signed up for health insurance through November. No, that is not a typo.

I recognize that there are people who will continue to claim–despite all of this very bad news–that Obamacare is improving by leaps and bounds. These very people will probably also try to convince me that as I write this blog post, the weather in Chicago is positively tropical.

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