Iran: Where the Human Rights Situation Remains Awful

A helpful reminder that however much we may talk about the supposed “rise of the moderates” in the Iranian political system, that system remains antediluvian, barbaric, and utterly unworthy of the Iranian people, who are consistently better by orders of magnitude than are their supposed leaders. It is especially disheartening to read that there is no discussion of Iran’s appalling human rights record in talks between Iran and the United States. I have gone on record in urging the United States to discuss both the nuclear issue, and human rights, regional security and terrorism in any talks with Iran, but apparently, the Obama administration has chosen to myopically focus on one issue at the expense of a host of other issues. This does not a good foreign policy/negotiating stance make, to say the least.

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  1. I,ve e-mailed this post to some friends.Hopefully they,ll contact their Congressmen,Senators, M.Ps, legislators and officials in their respective countries and insist that negotiations with Iran include human rights,and a stop to Iran’s aggressive foreign policy.

    If Rouhani really was the Iranian Gorbachov,he’d stop backing Assad and Hezbollah,release dissidents from jail,and stop Iran’s barbaric policies of repression.

    There,s nothing wrong with negotiating.But,when you are in a position of strength like we are in the West, it makes not sense to act as if you’re negotiating from a position of weakness.

    Obama’s policy of let,s make a deal any deal with Assad,Putin and the régime in Tehran is high of folly.

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