Pope Francis and Economics 101

I like Pope Francis. I think that he is a down-to-earth fellow. I think he genuinely cares about people and is gifted in dealing with the masses. I think that he is good for the Catholic Church, and that overall, Catholics are lucky to have him.

I also think that he would do well to hire on Greg Mankiw as an economics tutor.

I should note that anti-capitalist/anti-business rhetoric does periodically emanate from the Vatican, and has in previous papacies as well, so I am not surprised by a lot of what Pope Francis says. But that doesn’t make what he says any more right, or any less wrong. And while I am going on about the pope’s rhetoric, note that political port-siders are entirely willing to trumpet the pope’s supposed “shredding” of capitalism, but when Francis says things that the left doesn’t like, a very “who does this guy think he is, lecturing us the way he does?” ethos takes hold on the left, and suddenly, Pope Francis becomes persona non grata.

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