Congratulations to North Korea!

Those of us who hope for the downfall of the North Korean regime are forced nevertheless to tip our hats to the skill and resourcefulness of the regime’s internal security forces. They have captured Merrill Newman, an 85 year old American veteran of the Korean War, and have convicted him for “hostile acts.” Why, they have even televised his confession–one freely given, I am sure–so the North Korean allegations against Mr. Newman must be true. Reading the story, one readily sees how much of a threat to North Korean peace and security Mr. Newman must have been. The North Koreans really dodged a bullet by catching him, eh?

I guess this story ought to make us rethink our plans to use the CIA (Centenarian Intelligence Agency) to foment dissent and internal strife in North Korea. Also, we may not want to use the NSA (National Society for the Aged) to eavesdrop on conversations between higher-ups in the North Korean government and military, or to start up a cyber war with the Hermit Kingdom.

One Reply to “Congratulations to North Korea!”

  1. Of course, our completely competent and patriotic President and his crack Foreign Service are moving heaven and earth to reunite said veteran with hearth and kin…..right? ….. Huh?….. Right?

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