Green Shoots of Sanity

There is plenty of craziness in the world; including, among other things, war, famine, corruption, broken political systems, and a botched healthcare rollout. So when a story comes along about obsessive fans of the Dutch masters, it actually serves to restore my faith in humanity.

In writing that, I don’t pretend to opine on behalf of anyone other than myself, and of course, I recognize that for some, the thought of arranging jobs, vacations, lists of friends and entire personal lives around the viewing of a certain set of paintings might sound more than a bit crazy. But all it takes is a look at the news to see that there are worse ways to spend one’s life, so to all fanatical devotees of 17th century Dutch paintings who may be reading this blog, I say: Keep on keeping on. You may well be among the most well-adjusted people currently in existence, and perhaps, thanks to you, one day, we can have nice things. May that day come speedily, and in our time.