An Absolute Coincidence, I’m Sure

There is no way–none whatsoever–that there could be any kind of low political cunning behind this:

The new U.S. Treasury/Internal Revenue Service rules aimed at clarifying what constitutes political activity for tax-exempt “social welfare” organizations are likely to give more heartburn to conservative groups than their liberal counterparts.

In 2012, conservatives pumped nearly eight times the money through their 501 (c) groups than liberals did, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ website. (CRP has a handy description of what the different advocacy groups are legally allowed to do.)

CRP reported that conservatives spent $265.2 million through 501 (c) groups compared to $34.7 spent by liberal groups during the 2012 cycle.

Like I wrote, I am sure that it is just happenstance that these new rules end up inconveniencing conservatives more than they do liberals. We all know that the Obama administration would never try to structure policy in order to gain any kind of political advantage, don’t we? And as we are all well aware, the IRS itself is clean as a whistle.

So, I guess that we can all sleep well at night secure in the knowledge that good government is having its day and absolutely no politics whatsoever are being played by the Treasury Department and the IRS. After all, what could possibly cause us any fear or concern regarding this story?