David Birnbaum Update

Readers will recall this story about amateur philosopher David Birnbaum. I have been given permission to share the following e-mail in response:

Hi Pejman,

This is Nora, Editorial Associate at David Birnbaum’s office.

We read your blog regarding “David Birnbaum Buys His Way into Philosophical Debates. Should We Care?”

Note that Mr. Birnbaum has been under intense and quite-virulent defamatory attack since mid-May, although his works have been out – and favorably reviewed – since 1988 (see www.SummaCovers.com )

Please note that David grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens, has been at this ‘project’ since age 10, and that rumors of his alleged super-fortune may be exaggerated.

Also, please note that Bard asked David as a favor to help defray some expenses for a multi-day international conference with a focus on his work, and that our outlay was about $7,000 and upfront. $7,000, not $70,000.

In any event, please see this link which deals with the substance of the matter



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