Sauce for the Goose

David Bernstein: Petard hoister. With the title of his blog post asking “Why is the Obamacare Rollout Failing?”, Professor Bernstein gives the following cheeky answer:

Why, it’s obviously because President Barack Obama and his top aides hate government, and therefore can’t be trusted to run a major government program. When the government is run by political forces committed to the belief that government is always the problem, never the solution, that belief tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Key priorities are neglected; key functions are privatized; and key people, the competent public servants who make government work, either leave or are driven out. What we really need is a government that works, because it’s run by people who understand that sometimes government is the solution, after all.

Doesn’t make any sense to you? It made just as little sense when Paul Krugman made the argument in 2008, imaginatively (to say the least) positing that George W. Bush and John McCain were wild-eyed libertarians, and that the former’s purported libertarianism was the cause of FEMA’s incompetence in dealing with Katrina.

In related news, when will the New York Times finally admit that the chief characteristic of Krugman’s posts is that they are utterly and completely hacktacular?