Now Under Attack: School Choice in Louisiana

I am one of those radical revolutionaries who believes that education is the great civil rights struggle of our time, and that as part and parcel of that struggle, parents who don’t like the public schools where their kids are going ought to have the right to take their kids out of a failing public school and use vouchers to exercise school choice–including patronizing private and religious schools where kids can receive better educations.

I believe this strongly enough that if I were re-drafting the Constitution, I would make school choice–along with economic liberty–part of the Bill of Rights. I am glad to see that Bobby Jindal, one of my favorite governors, has decided to make school choice a priority in Louisiana.

Too bad that the Department of Justice has decided that it has nothing better to do than to sue to stop the school choice program. Note that “[a]lmost all the students using vouchers are black,” which means that the Justice Department’s actions will disadvantage minority students by a tremendously disproportionate amount. Should the Justice Department’s suit succeed and should those students once again have to contend with failing schools, they will have Eric Holder to thank for their plight.