A Coup, or Not a Coup?

The Obama administration’s position regarding the ouster of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt now appears to be that Morsi’s removal kinda, sorta constituted a coup. If this is indeed official American policy, it means that we will continue to anger both sides of the conflict in Egypt–a neat trick, that. Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood allies will be outraged by the fact that the administration does not consider Morsi’s ouster a full-fledged coup. Meanwhile, the Egyptian military will lose its fertilizer over the administration’s seeming finding that the ouster looks like, walks like and quacks like a coup. The end result, as I have discussed before, is that the United States will be left with no friends in Egypt.

Remember that the Obama administration was supposed to put a halt to the supposed Bushian tendency to anger and alienate friends and allies. So much for that promise.