Health Care “Reform” and a Revealing Quote

Remember the Obama administration’s decision to delay the implementation of the employer mandate section of Obamacare? Sure you do. Now, check out the following quote from Democratic operative Chris Lehane on why the delay is a good idea for the Obama administration and for Democrats:

“You’d have preferred to avoid this. On the other hand, you potentially go into the midterms now in a situation where people are getting savings, and you’re not going to have the potential peril of some small businesses or restaurant owners making people part-time,” Lehane said.

(Emphasis mine.) Yeah, let’s not worry about small business or restaurant owners making more and more workers part-time. Let’s worry about those calamities after people have voted in 2014, and let’s take them off the table for now so that the people don’t vote against Democrats next year. That’s the important thing.

Note, by the way, that Lehane doesn’t even try to deny that as a consequence of health care “reform,” we will increasingly see full-time employees moved to part time status in an already weak economy. And other Democrats don’t really try to deny it either.

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