How Easy Will It Be to Implement Obamacare?

Not very easy, according to this post. I suppose that it is possible that anonymous sources in the Obama administration might be leaking worrisome quotes and information in advance on instruction from their superiors. That way, if anything goes wrong, the public will be prepared and subsequent public outrage might be lessened, and if things go startlingly right, then the implementation of Obamacare will look like an astonishing success story whose success will be magnified by the fact that everyone initially thought implementation would be a nightmare. But that would require a lot of cunning and conniving on the part of Obama administration officials, and while I am sure that Team Obama’s political office is quite clever, I doubt that all of the scary quotes in Michael Cannon’s blog post are part of some grand scheme to dramatically lower public expectations in advance of what might be a tremendously successful rollout of the Affordable1 Care Act.

1. It may not be all that affordable.