Bad News and Good News Regarding Obamacare

First the bad news: It may not work all that well

A top administration aide in charge of implementing Obamacare said on Tuesday that he would be “surprised” if it starts perfectly, the latest gloomy assessment of the massive revolution in how Americans get health insurance.

Gary Cohen, deputy administrator and director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told a friendly audience at the 
Brookings Institution that the early kinks in Obamacare should eventually even out, but that the beginning will be messy.

Citing critical press reports questioning whether the administration will be ready on January 1, the official kickoff of Obamacare, Cohen said, “Will it be as wonderful on the first day as it is on the 30th day, or the 60th day, or the 90th day, or year five? Maybe not.”

Of course, the problem is that no one knows what “kinks” we will have to endure as health care “reform” is being implemented. In addition, no one knows for how long we will have to endure said kinks, or how many people will have their health care compromised because of the presence of kinks.

I did promise you good news as well, however. Here it is: Celebrities are going to help roll out Obamacare

Don’t you feel better now? 

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