Éirinn go Brách, and All That

As one who believes that same-sex couples deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and that marriage equality only serves to strengthen the institution of marriage, I am pleased and delighted to see that Ireland has decided to enshrine marriage equality as a constitutional right. This is a remarkable and extraordinary achievement, given the power that the Catholic Church continues to wield in the country. The church, of course, wanted the rest of the country to vote “no” on the issue of marriage equality, but the Irish people wisely concluded that when we talk about God “abounding in steadfast love,” we ought to acknowledge that God’s love is–and ought to be–for all people.

I imagine that eventually, the Catholic Church will find a way to reconcile itself to this message. It had better, lest it be left behind by a world whose people increasingly realize that when two individuals commit to loving one another for the rest of their lives, forsaking all others in the process, that phenomenon ought to be celebrated and not condemned. In any event, congratulations to the Irish people, and to all others who work to end the destructive and intelligence-insulting stereotypes that for too long have made life miserable for too many gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

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Vladimir Putin’s Favorite Puppet

Stephen Cohen

I have written in the past about Stephen Cohen and his habit of writing apologias on behalf of the Putin regime. Comes now this piece to shed further light on Cohen’s habit of using whatever intellectual and moral credibility he has left–and it ain’t much–to characterize even the worst Putinesque behavior in the best possible light:

[Read more…]

Things Are about to Get Even Worse in Venezuela

Venezuelans queue for food In its finite wisdom, the Maduro regime in Caracas–which has turned just about everything that it has touched to a disaster–has now decided to tackle the issue of food distribution: [Read more…]

The War in Afghanistan and the Media’s Double Standards

360_rules_engagement_0805 Walter Russell Mead is properly scathing when it comes to his discussion of the media’s coverage of the war in Afghanistan. As he reminds us, back in 2008, candidate Obama ran on the position that Afghanistan was “the necessary war,” and that he would do whatever it took to win it. We haven’t won it, we are set to implement a precipitous withdrawal from the country, and because the incumbent president of the United States is not a Republican, the media is giving him no grief whatsoever regarding his administration’s failure in Afghanistan: [Read more…]

Believe It Or Not, Things Are Actually Getting Worse in Venezuela

_82634461_96536152 I continue to wonder why it is that those who celebrated Hugo Chavez back when he was insulting George W. Bush have nothing to say about his legacy now. Perhaps it is because of stories like this one, and what they have to say about the failures of chavismo: [Read more…]

There Was Never Any “Team of Rivals” in the Obama Administration

220px-Richard_Holbrooke Richard Holbrooke was always one of my favorite Democrats–brilliant, dynamic, a fascinating personality, and a diplomat with actual, substantive accomplishments to his name (unlike a certain former secretary of state who is currently trying to convince us that she should be the next president of the United States). If life were fair, Holbrooke would have served as secretary of state in a Democratic administration (again, unlike a certain presidential candidate who actually did serve as secretary of state, despite the fact that she has no substantive accomplishments to her name), but alas, life is not fair.

I bring up Holbrooke because there is going to be a documentary about him that will be released this fall on HBO. The film focuses on his many disagreements with the Obama administration regarding foreign policy. I don’t take Holbrooke’s side when it comes to some of the disagreements, but that is not the focus of this post. Rather, I want to focus a little bit of attention on how the Obama administration treated Holbrooke: [Read more…]

How to Be Smarter about Dealing with Iran

Iran Human Rights Abuses

I was struck by the following in Aaron David Miller’s piece, which argues that Iran is outwitting and outmaneuvering the United States in the Middle East: [Read more…]

The Word You Are Looking for Is “Genocide”


Comes now the part of the year when attention turns to the ethnic cleansing of 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of Turkey in the aftermath of the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Back in 2008, candidate Barack Obama pledged that he would call these massacres what they were–genocide.

Times have changed: [Read more…]

“This Deal Is Getting Worse All the Time”

The tentative nuclear agreement with Iran was initially hailed as a triumph of diplomacy on the part of the Obama administration. But the more one examines the deal, the more one ought to be concerned about its terms. [Read more…]

So, Rand Paul Is Running for President . . .

And just in time for the start of his campaign, we have a report that his father, former congressman Ron Paul, has a think tank staffed with members who work as hard as they possibly can in order to make Vladimir Putin look good: [Read more…]


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